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The hard drive on which you have stored all your videos, photos and work documents no longer works well? Are you unable to copy and / or view many of the files inside it anymore? Don't give in to despair right away ... maybe there is still a solution to restore your data.

If you have lost important business or private information, it can most likely be recovered by entrusting it to a serious and competent data recovery service.

Hard Disk Recovery Diagnosis


We are able to intervene on any type of fault, including those that require special interventions in the Clean Room.

Thanks to our laboratory dedicated to data recovery, equipped with all the necessary tools including the Clean Room, we are able to recover data that are no longer available from the system and are considered lost forever.

After receiving the support, we will proceed with an accurate diagnosis that will allow us to distinguish the type of failure and immediately provide the suitable solution for recovery. To do this it is necessary to divide the types of intervention according to the damage:



  • Hard Disk not detected by the BIOS

  • Hard Disk not detected by the System

  • Inaccessible data, unknown partition

  • Incorrect capacity or less than actual capacity

  • Incorrect partition table               


  • The hard drive has crashed

  • The hard drive is the victim of fire or flood

  • The hard disk does not turn on

  • The hard disk emits more or less loud noises or clicking sounds

  • The electronic part is burned out

  • Bad sectors or areas have appeared



In relation to the damage found, it will be possible to proceed with the recovery through an aseptic environment made possible by horizontal flow laminar hoods, or through specific professional machinery that allows us to extract the data by modifying or emulating the operating parameters of the hard disk itself.

We recover data on all types of hard drives, both fixed and removable and of all brands. By opening the holder you do nothing but do further damage to those that have already been done.

We are constantly contacted by professionals and individuals who, having lost their data, entrust us with the supports as you entrust a loved one to the care of a trusted doctor. For this reason, our procedures are clear and transparent and the customer has the possibility to check the status of the recovery in progress at any time.


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